Wild Hearts: Crossplay and multiplayer – how to play with friends

by Johannes

Wild Hearts supports crossplay. To play multiplayer with friends, all you have to do is find a campfire or a hunting gate

Multiplayer with friends: Wild Hearts with full crossplay

Wild Hearts is available for PS5, Xbox Series and Windows. The game supports crossplay without restrictions. So you can adventure with friends, you have two immersive options directly in the game.

  • Campfire: If you sit down at a campfire, various options appear. Select “Play Online”, you can search for a game or create your own. Here you can also decide to allow only friendly players.
  • Hunting gates: You also have the option to play together with others at hunting gates. Co-op starts automatically after you select a target.
  • Coop: Up to three players can team up and go hunting. One of the advantages is that you can revive each other.
  • Prerequisite: You must have completed the tutorial.

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