KSI fortune: This is how rich the YouTube star is

by Mike

The British YouTuber KSI became famous with Let’s Plays and within a few years has not only built up a fortune thanks to the platform, but also a music career.

This is how much KSI’s fortune is

KSI is one of the most successful YouTubers. The abbreviation comes from KSIOlajidebt – which was originally the name of his YouTube channel.

  • The real name of KSI is Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji. He was born on 19.06.1993 in London.
  • The Briton has built up a fortune in the millions thanks to YouTube: According to experts, this is estimated at 18 million euros. This figure is without guarantee, as we do not have detailed insights into the assets.
  • His success as a content creator began thanks to commentary videos on FIFA games and Let’s Plays that KSI put online from 2008. At the beginning, his channel was called JideJunior, followed in 2009 by KSIOlajideBT.
  • The web video producer now has 24.1 million followers on YouTube and almost 500,000 on Twitch (as of March 2023). On his main channel, he now shows almost only his own music videos, because the reach opened up a new career path for KSI. On his secondary channel and Twitch, he continues to gamble and film reactions to games.
  • KSI is not only a YouTuber, but also a rapper. He has now released three studio albums, which even reached number one and two in the UK charts.
  • In addition to his income from YouTube and music, KSI may have also earned money from special events such as boxing matches against Joe Weller and Logan Paul. The boxing career came about through beef with other content creators, who eventually stepped into the ring together to settle the spat.

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