Alexa power consumption: in standby and operation

by Michaela

At first glance, your Alexa has a low power consumption. But since it also needs power in standby, it adds up over the year. We show you how high the electricity costs are in the end.

Alexa power consumption: How much electricity does an Amazon Echo cost?

  • Even if you don’t say “Alexa” or otherwise use the Amazon Echo, it uses about two watts in standby mode.
  • When you say “Alexa” and feed the assistant a voice command, it’s already four watts.
  • If you play music with the Amazon Echo or use skills, the power consumption increases to up to five watts.
  • The electricity costs in standby are around 4.98 euros per year.
  • For two hours of music a day (otherwise standby), you can expect to pay about 5.70 euros a year.

Amazon Echo Plus: Power consumption in standby and operation

  • The slightly larger Amazon Echo Plus also consumes a little more power: it needs about 2.5 watts in standby.
  • Even when using Alexa, the power consumption increases more significantly than with the smaller Echo. Here it’s about 4.5 watts.
  • The large Echo Plus needs even more power when you listen to music. Then it sucks about seven watts out of the socket.
  • This puts the electricity costs in standby at around 6.57 euros per year.
  • You can expect electricity costs of approx. 7.55 euros per year with two hours of music per day (otherwise standby).

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