Apple Watch for left-handers: how to change the orientation

by Pramith

The Apple Watch is set by default for right-handed users, so left-handed users should change the screen orientation to use the Watch handily

Change the orientation for left-handed users directly on the Apple Watch

You can change the orientation of your Apple Watch directly on the device in four easy steps.

  • Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch.

  • Select “Alignment” under “General”.

  • Indicate which wrist you wear the Watch on. For left-handed people, it is best to wear the Watch on the right wrist.
    • Also indicate which side the Digital Crown is on. The Digital Crown is the Home button on the side of the Watch. If you are wearing your Watch on your right wrist, the Digital Crown should face to the left so that you do not cover the screen when operating it.

    Change orientation on iPhone

    Alternatively, the Apple Watch setting can also be changed via the iPhone.

    • Open the “Watch app” on your iPhone.

    • Select the “General” menu item under the “My Watch” tab. Here you can change the orientation under “Orientation of the Watch “

    • Indicate which wrist you are wearing the Watch on and on which side the Digital Crown is located.

    • Once you have set the orientation, you can close the “Watch App”.

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