Arduino Nano: All info on power consumption

by Flo

If you want to run your Arduino Nano around the clock, you should keep an eye on the power consumption. Over time, even many small consumers can lead to high electricity costs

Power consumption and power costs of the Arduino Nano

Compared to other microcontrollers, the Arduino Nano has a fairly low power consumption. However, the power consumption is not always the same.

  • In normal operation, the Arduino Nano consumes around 25 mA. When the Arduino switches to standby mode, it only consumes around 7.5 mA.
  • If you connect more components to the Arduino, the power consumption will naturally increase. You can use a multimeter to read off the actual power consumption.
  • If the Arduino runs day and night with a voltage of 5 volts, a current of 25 mA results in about 30 cents in electricity costs per year.
  • You can further reduce power consumption by using an external low-power library. This reduces the power consumption mainly in idle mode.



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