Cleaning Galaxy Buds: How to get them clean again

by Tobias

Galaxy Buds need to be cleaned gently. The sensitive in-ear headphones can be damaged if they come into contact with water. However, regular cleaning is important and you should be able to do this if you follow a few tips.

Cleaning Galaxy Buds – Instructions

Galaxy Buds are best cleaned dry. The high-quality in-ears cannot tolerate water.

  • It is best to use disinfectant wipes for the surface. These will remove any bacteria. They are damp, but dry directly and do not leave any wetness like a sponge or similar.
  • Remove dust, hair and grease from the grille of the speakers using a toothbrush or similar.
  • To clean the silicone attachments, remove them and rinse them with hot water and detergent. Make sure that they are really dry before you put them back on.
  • For better protection and hygiene, do not put your headphones loose in your jacket pocket, but put the Galaxy Buds back in the box.’

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