Galaxy Watch 6 impresses with innovations, features and functions

by Pramith

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is expected to be released in 2023 and will bring several new features and functions compared to its predecessors.

New features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Samsung has been launching smartwatches from the Galaxy Watch series since 2018. In 2023, the Galaxy Watch 6 is supposed to be released. Even though it has not yet been officially announced, there are already some rumours about new features and functions of the successor to the Galaxy Watch 5:

  • Physical bezel: While the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic had a physical bezel that you could control via the user interface, this was digital on all variants of the Watch 5. The Watch 6 is said to return to versions with a physical bezel.
  • Display size: The screen of the top version is expected to grow compared to older models. It is to be 1.47 inches in size. In addition, the display is to have a higher resolution.
  • Processor: It is not yet clear with which processor the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 will appear. One option is said to be the continued use of the Exynos W920, which has been used since the Watch 4. Alternatively, however, a new Exynos processor or a Qualcomm product could be used.
  • Battery: The battery of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is supposed to grow compared to its predecessors. However, exact capacities are not yet known.
  • Release:If Samsung goes about unveiling the new smartwatch as it did with its predecessors, you can expect a release in August 2023 along with the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5. However, there are also rumours of an earlier release of the two foldable smartwatches.

Features of the previous smartwatch

Even the fifth generation of the Samsung Galaxy Watch series had some exciting features on board. With a possibly improved processor and a larger battery, these can probably also convince in the sixth generation.

  • Body composition: With the Galaxy Watch 5, you can determine your body composition. Among other things, the smartwatch measures body fat percentage, skeletal muscle and the amount of body water.
  • Sleep tracking: Already the fifth generation can track your sleep and determine the different sleep phases, the blood oxygen during sleep and the actual sleep time. In the sixth generation, there could be new additional functions here.
  • Pulse & Stress: The Galaxy Watch 5 can measure your pulse continuously or, for example, during a workout. You can also determine your stress level with the Smartwatch.
  • Blood pressure & ECG: For blood pressure and ECG, you need the Samsung Health Monitor app on a Samsung smartphone. To measure blood pressure, you also need to calibrate the Smartwatch using a blood pressure cuff.
  • Be sure to note that the health functions of the Samsung Galaxy Watch models do not replace medical examinations or the advice of a doctor.

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