Is Amazon’s Echo Show 5 Kids worth it? Advantages and disadvantages

by Johannes

The Amazon Echo Show 5 Kids is a child- and family-friendly version of the Echo Show 5. The smart display for kids comes with many advantages, but also disadvantages

Echo Show 5 Kids: Smart device with helpful features

The Echo Show 5 Kids from Amazon is a smart display with Alexa that is specially designed for children.

  • The colourful design and the one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+ included with the purchase are both suitable for children. Children can listen to various audio plays and books – from “Bib&Tina” to “Was ist was”.
  • On the Echo Show 5 Kids, the Alexa voice assistant gives child-friendly answers and filters out songs with offensive content. Parents can also set maximum volume and daily time limits in the Amazon Parents Dashboard.
  • Also included is a so-called “Carefree Guarantee”. If the Smart Display breaks within the first two years, parents can simply send the device back and get a new one sent to them free of charge.

Expensive variant of the Echo Show in colourful

Generally, Echo Show 5 Kids offers some advantages. The Alexa voice control is child-friendly and parents have many setting options.

  • The sound of the device is quite good. Less good, however, is the display quality. In addition, the Echo Show 5 Kids is significantly more expensive than the Echo Show 5 (3rd generation) with the same features.
  • But: There is no real alternative to the Echo Show 5 Kids. Admittedly, there is an alternative to Alexa with Google Home, Apple Home Pod, Telekom Smart Speaker or Sonos One. But you’ll be looking in vain for a child-friendly device with a display.
  • Summary: The Echo Show 5 Kids is well suited for children who like to listen to podcasts, audio books and radio. Parents have plenty of safety options and controls. If they swallow the high price and ignore the poor display quality, the Echo Show 5 Kids is definitely a modern option to the classic CD player.

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