Pairing JBL speakers with each other – here’s how

by Pramith

If you want to pair JBL Bluetooth speakers with each other, you have two options. We show you how to make the connection in this practical tip.

JBL speakers can be paired at the touch of a button in Party Mode

You can pair multiple JBL Bluetooth speakers such as JBL Flip, Charge or JBL Xtreme with each other and enjoy your favourite music from multiple speakers.

– For the pairing to work, one of the JBL speakers must be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. So turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and then press the power button on the JBL speaker.

– Your phone should recognise the speaker as an available device and connect to the speaker via Bluetooth.

– Next, turn on the second JBL Bluetooth speaker you want to pair with the first. Now press the Connect button on both speakers. After a short time, the two speakers are paired.

JBL Speaker pairing via app for stereo playback

Pairing Bluetooth speakers with each other using the method described in the first section will amplify the sound. Pair them with the JBL Connect app and enjoy full stereo sound.

– Download the JBL Connect app for iOS or Android, switch on one of the JBL speakers, launch the app and select your speaker model.

– Now turn on the second Bluetooth speaker you want to pair as well.

– It takes a while until it appears on the display of your iPhone or Android. Once the app has found the speaker, it appears next to the picture of the first speaker.

– Once this is done, tap the button for stereo playback on your screen. You can also change channels via the app or switch back to party mode if you wish.

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