Tonie Box: Code word “hedgehog” – what’s behind it?

by Pramith

When the Tonie Box mentions the code word hedgehog, this initially raises questions for many. With the right information, however, you will know what it is all about.

Code word hedgehog for the Tonie Box: What you should know

The Tonie Box contains several code words. So does the code word hedgehog.

  • If this code word is mentioned and the Tonie Box lights up red, there are connection problems with your router.
  • This can happen, for example, when you install your Tonie Box for the first time, when you want to connect it to a new WLAN, or even when you have put on a new Tonie.
  • Often, however, it can also be because the device is too far away from the WLAN router.
  • If you have connection problems, try moving the unit closer to the router or, if that’s not possible, use a repeater.
  • If the distance to the router is not the problem, try restarting your Wi-Fi router and the Tonie Box.
  • If this does not work either, reset the Tonie Box to factory settings and try again.

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