What is a printer toner? Simply explained

by Corinna

What is a toner in a printer is a legitimate question. It is a type of colorant that is used in laser printers and copiers

What is a printer toner? All information

The toner colorant in a printer or copier is what makes it possible to print text and images on paper. Unlike inkjet printers, laser printers do not use liquid ink, but toner powder.

  • A toner is a fine powder consisting of plastic particles and colorants.
  • The laser printer uses a laser beam for printing to create electrostatically charged areas on a rotating drum. These charged areas correspond to the areas where the toner powder is to be transferred to the paper.
  • The toner powder is transferred to the charged areas of the drum. It adheres there through electrostatic attraction
  • The paper is fed through the drum during printing and the toner powder is then transferred to the paper. The toner powder is then firmly fixed to the paper by heat and pressure
  • You must replace the toner container as soon as it is empty and dispose of it correctly. However, care must be taken here, as toner or the fine dust can be harmful to human health and should therefore not be touched.

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