Amazon Key: What’s behind the offer for Prime members

by Johannes

Amazon Key is an Amazon project designed to simplify deliveries. We explain what is behind it and who can take advantage of the offer.

Amazon Key – What the service can do

Amazon Key is a service from Amazon that is intended to make Amazon deliveries easier and contactless.

  • With the Amazon Key Set, you can open your door remotely for Amazon delivery people and others. The set consists of a compatible smart door lock and camera.
  • When you place your Amazon order, you can specify whether or not you want the order to be stored in your home or garage. If you specify that the package should be placed in your home, the delivery person will have access to your lock at short notice and can open your door to place the package.
  • Directly afterwards, the delivery person closes the door again and no longer has access to your lock. You will receive a notification during the delivery and can access the image from the camera monitoring the door.
  • With Amazon Key, Amazon wants to ensure that packages no longer have to be left outside the door where they can be stolen by others.
  • Amazon Key also gives you the option to manually open the door lock remotely for others at short notice.
  • Through this convenient delivery method, Amazon hopes to reach even more customers who normally can’t accept packages during work hours, for example.
  • In addition to Amazon Key, Amazon also launched similar projects “In-Garage Delivery” and “Car Delivery”, which is being tested in some US cities.

Amazon Key: Availability and cost

Amazon Key is free for Amazon Prime customers. However, the service is not yet available in Germany. In the USA, it is also only available in selected states.

  • Amazon Key was already introduced in the USA in 2017 and started a test phase there. In Germany, the service for private customers is not yet available.
  • However, a German real estate company has installed the Key system in some flats with Amazon.
  • When Amazon Key will be available to all Prime users in Germany is unclear.
  • The purchase of the Amazon Key starter kit costs 249 US dollars in the USA. Use of the service is free for Amazon Prime customers.

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