Dyson air purifier: How to clean the filter

by Johannes

The filter of the Dyson air purifier cannot be cleaned manually. You need to replace it to reduce the level of pollutants in the room

Dyson air purifier: filter cannot be cleaned

Dyson does not offer separate filter cleaning for the air purifiers. Only the change is possible.

  • The Dyson Link app shows you the remaining usage time of the filter in use. Once it reaches zero percent, the app will inform you when a change is needed.
  • To change the filter, switch off the air purifier and disconnect it from the power supply. On the sides of the unit you will find a mechanism to open the filter compartment. The mechanism differs depending on the model.
  • Remove the filter holder. Then remove the used filter and replace it with the new filter. Reinstall the filter unit.
  • You can then switch the appliance back on. You can then check the status of the new filter via the Dyson Link app.
  • Dyson air purifier in the home

Cleaning the outside of a Dyson air purifier

While the filter of a Dyson air purifier cannot be cleaned, you can improve its effectiveness with regular maintenance.

  • The best way to do this is to use microfibre cloths. They effectively pick up dirt and dust on the surface of the air purifier.
  • Switch off the unit while cleaning. You do not need to disconnect it from the power supply to do this.
  • Wipe the outside of the air purifier thoroughly with a damp microfibre cloth. The pre-filter, which can be recognised by the perforation, is very important here.

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