Freezer: This is the typical electricity consumption

by Michaela

The freezer in your household is definitely one of the biggest electricity guzzlers. However, you can also save a lot of energy by using a few tricks.

Energy consumption of your freezer: This is how much it needs

One of the appliances in your household that runs day and night is your freezer.

  • Due to the constant operation of your freezer, it is particularly worthwhile to buy an appliance with a good energy efficiency rating here.
  • Of course, the volume of a freezer also plays a role. The larger the volume, the greater the consumption.
  • With the different volumes ranging from about 100 to 300 litres capacity, the annual consumption varies from 100 to 300 kWh of energy. At an electricity price of about 50 cents per kilowatt hour (as of September 2022), this results in annual costs of 50 to 150 euros.

Possible savings measure

There are some factors that can greatly affect saving energy.

  • The location of the freezer is one of the most important factors. This is logical because, for example, exposure to sunlight through a window increases the temperature of the appliance and therefore the energy required to maintain the internal temperature
  • You should only set the temperature as low as is necessary. Even two degrees lower can lead to 10% higher electricity demand. So this can also be a big factor.
  • By defrosting your freezer regularly, you can prevent ice build-up caused by water-laden air entering when you open it. Ice has an insulating effect, which makes it more difficult to cool the interior. Therefore, ice is rather unfavourable.
  • A good alternative to the freezer is a chest freezer. By storing it on the floor, less warm and moist air can get in when it is opened and the cold as well as dry air circulates on the floor, which results in much less ice forming.

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