Hoover washing machine shows error E20: What you can do

by Pramith

If your Hoover washing machine shows error E20, there is usually a problem with the water drainage. Read here how to fix this error and get your machine back into use.

Error E20 on Hoover washing machine: solutions

If error E20 appears on your Hoover washing machine, there is a fault with the water drainage. The drain hose may not be installed properly or may be blocked, or water may be in the machine where it shouldn’t be.

  • Before you take a closer look at your machine, you may want to get rid of any water that is incorrectly contained in it. You can drain this via the note drain in the base area of the electrical appliance.
  • Make sure that the drain hose is at least 60 centimetres and no more than one metre above the installation surface of the washing machine. Also, the hose should not be kinked or curved. Water should be able to move freely in the hose.
  • If the drain hose is installed correctly, check that the lint filter and drain strainer are not perhaps dirty. These are also located in the base area of your washing machine. Also, the pump wheel should not be blocked and should turn smoothly.
  • Check your drain pump as well. To do this, start a wash cycle but let the water drain into the bathtub or another container. If the machine does not pump any suds, there is a defect in the pump.
  • In the same way, check the siphon. If suds are draining, the siphon may be blocked.
  • If you are still stuck after all these steps, you should contact Hoover Customer Service.

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