How do I help a Messie? What you can do

by Pramith

How do I help a hoarder? Many people ask themselves this question. It is important that you offer support to help them cope with the Messy Syndrome

How do I help a Messie? First tips for overcoming the problem

Many people are not aware that they suffer from the Messy Syndrome. It doesn’t help to ostracize these people. It is better if you actively offer help and work together to find a solution to the problem.

  • The first step is to listen to the person concerned. Regardless of whether it is a neighbor, friend or relative – ask directly why the person is collecting and hoarding various items. It is important to be sensitive and not to make accusations.
  • To help those affected, you should allow time. Sometimes it is difficult for people to part with certain objects. Even if you may lack understanding, you should try to be sensitive. There is often a reason why messies cannot part with a collection or garbage
  • If you get stuck, it is necessary to involve other people. Doctors or therapists can help to get the situation under control. In this context, too, sensitivity is crucial to avoid creating any pressure or coercion
  • Communication is always important – sometimes it is not enough to explain once why the behavior is unacceptable. People who suffer from the Messy Syndrome often need several attempts and support to get out of their vicious circle. This can require patience. However, if you keep explaining that the behavior is unhygienic or causes problems, you will successfully help those affected.
  • Give comfort if necessary. A hug and the reassurance that you are offering help will bring relief to those affected. Also try to keep your promises. Keep your word and help whenever you can to deal with the chaos

Dissolve the messy household: This is important for a smooth process

At the beginning there is a plan. But it’s not uncommon for clearing a messy household to be a mammoth task. With structure and professional help, however, it is possible to bring order to the chaos.

  • People who hoard or collect compulsively do not have the ability to organize themselves. This is where you come in: make suggestions on how to break up the messy household
  • Do not, however, decide anything. Always ask the person concerned what can go in the bin and what their heart is set on. Boxes with labels and plans with reasons why an item should be disposed of and why some things can stay will make the clean-up easier.
  • If the mess is too big, decluttering companies can help. They not only have the necessary know-how, but also practical equipment to clear out a household. Go through this plan with those affected so that they are not faced with a fait accompli
  • Do not decide for the person what will be done. This could have the opposite effect. Discuss each step together. You can also practise letting things go with the person concerned. To do this, ask permission to touch an object. Also actively ask what can be moved or put in garbage bins
  • It can take time to break up a messy household. But every small step in the right direction helps to overcome the problem. Be there to answer questions and always remain understanding and helpful – this way, the household can be structured bit by bit.

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