Philips Hue: Grouping lamps – how it works

by Johannes

You can group Philips Hue lamps to control and adjust several at once. All you need is the Hue app

Group Philips Hue lamps: Create zones or rooms

In order to group your Philips Hue lamps, you need the Hue app as well as the Bridge. This allows you to create groups.

  • The groups are the zones or rooms. Both variants allow several Hue lamps to be grouped together
  • Open the Hue app and click on the three dots on the Home screen. A menu with several selection options will now open
  • Select the option Add new room or new zone. You will then be given the option of creating either a room or a zone.
  • A room refers to a specific room, for example the living room or children’s room. Zones, on the other hand, refer to lamps from different areas that you want to control in the same way.
  • You will see a list of symbols that you can use for the room or zone. Select one. You can then enter the desired name for the group, for example Dining room or Gaming corner.
  • When you create a room, you can now add all the lamps in this room. All you have to do is select the corresponding lamp that is connected to your Hue Bridge. Then save this group
  • If you want to create a zone, you need rooms beforehand. When creating a zone, select all the rooms from which you want to add lamps to the zone. Fine-tuning is then possible via the zone settings

Philips Hue: Add more lamps after grouping

Philips Hue also allows you to add new lamps to the zones. This expands the respective group.

  • Go to the already created zones or rooms within the app. Select the desired one
  • You will find the option to edit the group. The editing mode will now open and you will see an overview of all lamps that do not yet belong to the group.
  • Tap the Hue lamps that you want to add to the group. Then confirm your selection and save the changes
  • You can remove lamps from the group in the same way. This makes it possible to adapt the Hue lighting to your own needs.

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