Power consumption aquarium: This is what the fish tank consumes

by Pramith

If you want to buy an aquarium, it is good to know about its power consumption. This can vary depending on the water temperature and size.

Electricity consumption of an aquarium: what you should know

Having an aquarium in your own four walls can immediately add a whole different flair to your home. But as with any pet, there are a few expenses to consider when keeping fish

  • To keep your swimming friends well, it is important to pay attention to a few things. These include adding energy through lighting, heating and cleaning through filter pumps.
  • The cost of the aquarium varies depending on the size of the aquarium and the temperature to which the aquarium is to be heated. Assuming an aquarium with a size of 100 litres, you will use 150 kWh per year at a constant temperature of 20 degrees and 300 kWh at 28 degrees. At an electricity price of 36 cents per kilowatt hour (as of 2022), this means electricity costs of 54 euros to 108 euros for heating.
  • In addition to the heating costs, there are also the costs for the filter pump and the lighting. Added to the consumption for heating a 100 L aquarium, you can expect an annual electricity consumption of about 530 kWh up to 680 kWh. This would be a cost of between 190 and 245 euros.
  • How much the actual electricity bill ends up being depends, of course, on your electricity provider and what water temperature your fish need
  • You’ll save yourself money if you choose fish that don’t need such warm water to survive and if the aquarium is set up in as warm a place as possible. With good insulation, the heat will also keep better in your aquarium.
  • You can also save money with lighting. For example, when using LED lighting.
  • Only with the filter pump can you not really save electricity, as its use is necessary.

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