DHL does not ring your doorbell – this is how you should act.

by Pramith

If you suspect that DHL is not ringing your doorbell, you should react accordingly. We have summarised how to act correctly and when you should take certain steps in our practical tip.

DHL does not ring – this is how you should act

Parcel carriers are in a hurry and therefore it can happen that they don’t ring the bell properly or for long enough. However, what you should do if the messengers don’t ring your doorbell at all, you can read here:

  • You should only file a complaint or something similar if you are really sure that DHL did not ring your doorbell. It is possible that you were only in the basement or garden for a short moment and could not hear the doorbell ring. If this is the first time it has happened to you, you should hold back a complaint. Only after several occurrences does it make sense.
  • Note: Generally, you must prove your claim. Without good evidence that the parcel delivery man did not ring the bell, you cannot make a substantiated complaint. In addition, the parcel carrier is also allowed to make a statement and in many cases one statement will be contradicted by another.
  • It is better if you ask the parcel carrier about this directly and in a friendly manner. There may have been a misunderstanding and the matter can be settled quickly. If, however, the delivery man is totally intransigent and the incidents occur frequently, we advise you to ask your neighbours. Perhaps they also have the problem. The more witnesses or people involved you can find, the more justified your complaint will be.
  • Alternatively, you can make a complaint on the website of the consumer advice centre. There is a section there for parcel complaints, where many customers describe their problems. The parcel services also have the opportunity to comment on the complaints there.

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