Smarthome: This is the typical electricity consumption

by Mike

If you want to set up your home as a smarthome, the question arises as to how high the electricity consumption is. Your electrical appliances play the biggest role in this.

Smarthome: power consumption, setup and costs

The term Smarthome refers to the intelligent networking of your electronic devices. Therefore, the additional costs and increased electricity consumption are kept within limits. However, if your conversion involves the purchase of new appliances at the same time, the costs increase exponentially.

  • Definition: The Smarthome is known by many terms. It is also called Smart Living, Connected Home or eHome. What is meant by this is the networking of your technical devices. This involves different automation processes and simplifies the management of your devices.
  • Power consumption: This varies greatly. If your home is already equipped with smart devices, only the power consumption of the control unit is added. This varies depending on the manufacturer and is around 4 watts. At an average electricity price of 0.43 euros per kWh, the annual costs are just under 15 euros for the control unit.
  • Set-up: The most important factor is the compatibility of your existing devices. These must be able to communicate with each other via WLAN or Bluetooth. In addition, a control centre is needed, which you can usually operate with an associated app.
  • Costs: First of all, you need a control centre. This costs about 150 to 200 euros, depending on the manufacturer. Furthermore, there may be monthly costs for an app. These are around 5 euros per month. Also make sure that your devices can communicate with each other. Otherwise, you may incur further costs for replacing the devices.

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