iPad virus scan: What you can do if you suspect a virus

by Pramith

If you suspect that a virus is lurking on your iPad, it may be possible to remove it. However, there are no real iPad viruses compared to computers.

Virus on iPad – is that even possible?

Viruses are only known on iOS on devices with a jailbreak. From stealing bank data, to changing settings, to being a member of a botnet, anything can happen to your iPad. Theoretically, a virus on an iPad with a jailbreak can therefore cause unlimited damage.

  • On the other hand, a normal iPad without a jailbreak is not particularly vulnerable to a virus, as iOS is a very closed and therefore extremely secure system.
  • Apps can only be downloaded via Apple’s App Store, every update is strictly checked by Apple. Only rarely do criminals manage to sneak in malicious apps, but these usually only remain undetected for a few days. An attack on your iPad via an installed app is therefore very unlikely.
  • Other types of unwanted intrusions, not from viruses but from malware such as ransomeware, adware and spyware are also highly unlikely.
  • Often unusual behaviour has nothing to do with a virus. Many problems can be solved by restarting your iPad. If you notice unusual or annoying behaviour in the browser, you can clear cookies and cache in Safari.
  •  For more information, see the article “Virus protection on the iPad”.

Remove virus on iPad

If you do not have a jailbreak installed on your iPad, there will usually not be a virus on your system. However, in case you have installed a jailbreak, it will be difficult to remove the virus:

  • With Panda Antivirus for Mac OS, you can check not only your system but also your iPad for viruses. In the best case, the virus can also be removed quickly with it. You can try out the programme free of charge for 30 days.
  • Since the system is freely accessible after a jailbreak, viruses can nest and hide everywhere. For security reasons, you should reset your iPad to the factory settings. In the best case, do not jailbreak at all.
  • If you still want to use the jailbreak, you should definitely change the root password. This is set to “alpine” by default. This will help you to fend off many attacks.

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