Broadcast channel: how to use the function correctly

by Johannes

Broadcast channels on Instagram or WhatsApp allow influencers to share more detailed information with selected users

Broadcast channel on Instagram: Function and benefits

Incrementally, Instagram has introduced the broadcast function for content creators. The broadcast is like a group that is only displayed for selected members.

  • Users must actively join the broadcast channel of an Instagram account they follow in order to be kept up to date with the information shared there.
  • The channel is used by many influencers to share more personal and detailed information with fans who are particularly interested. This creates the impression of a more intimate and private circle. The aim is to strengthen the connection to the community
  • However, interaction is still very limited. Currently, content creators can only share content such as text, images, videos or voice messages in the broadcast, but fans cannot reply to them. Only reactions via smileys and response options in polls are possible. But other creators can be added as contributors
  • Business accounts cannot currently use the broadcast function on Instagram, as this is only available to “real people”.
  • Users can find the subscribed broadcasts in their private messages and are informed about new content via push notification.

This is what broadcast lists on WhatsApp are for

The WhatsApp messenger also has a broadcast function that works in a similar way to a distribution list.

  • Broadcast allows you to send a WhatsApp message to several people at the same time in just a few steps. This is a particularly useful feature for companies, clubs or organizations.
  • In contrast to a group chat or a channel, the different contacts do not see who the messages were sent to and the replies only remain visible in the respective chat with the person.
  • The WhatsApp broadcast could therefore ideally be used for newsletters or communication with customers. All you have to do is create a broadcast list and share your messages via it

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