Calculating the scale: It’s easy

by Flo

You can easily calculate the scale. You need to do this, for example, if you want to make a model or drawing to scale. With the following tips you can easily calculate the scale.

Calculating scale easily: How to do it with online tools

The quickest way to calculate or convert scales online.

  • Enter the measurement in Calculate scale and you will get the result immediately. This tool also calculates floor plans or technical drawings.
  • At Rechneronline you can calculate scales and distances on maps.

Calculate your own scale: Here’s how to do it

You can of course calculate scales yourself. First you should understand what is behind the numbers.

  • If you see a scale of 1:40, it means that your model or drawing is 40x as small as the original. If your model is larger, the high number is in front. In this example, 1 cm of the model represents 40 cm of the original.
  • Measure the required dimensions and then convert them to the same unit. Example: Your model is 200 cm long and the original is 50 m. The conversion factor from metres to centimetres is 100. Multiply 50 m by 100 cm. The result is 5,000 cm.
  • Now divide the value of the original by the value of the model: 5,000 cm : 200 cm = 25. Thus, 1 cm of your drawing corresponds to 25 cm of the original. The scale is therefore 1:25.

Convert scale: This is the way

On your drawing you have the indication of the scale 1:25.


  • Measure the important dimensions on the drawing and write them down. As an example, take height 20 cm, width 25 cm and depth 15 cm.
  • Now that you know that 1 cm on your drawing corresponds to 25 cm in reality, you can easily convert the values you have written down.
  • To do this, simply multiply the measured value by the scale: Height 20 cm x 25 = 500 cm, Width 25 cm x 25 = 625 cm, Depth 15 cm x 25 = 375 cm.
  • The results of this calculation reflect the original dimensions. So the object that was 20x25x15 cm on your drawing and given a scale of 1:25 is 500x625x375 cm in the original.
  • If you now want to make a drawing, make sure when calculating that your scale now starts from the original.
  • If the drawing is to have a scale of 1:10, your conversion scale is 10:1. The original height is 500 cm. The conversion would be 500 cm : 10 = 50 cm. The height on the 1:10 scale drawing is therefore 50 cm.

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