Community: meaning of the term explained simply

by Pramith

Community: The meaning of this term is quickly explained. A community is a group of people with the same interests

Community: this is the meaning behind it

A community comprises people with the same interests or the same goals. The term also has this meaning.

  • A community comprises a community that shares common values. Even if the same interests or the same goals are to be achieved, this group constitutes a community.
  • There are also various communities on the Internet. For example, Facebook, X (Twitter) or Instagram, where different people with the same interests register in different groups.
  • A community is characterized by the exchange of information and ideas. Mutual support, whether in verbal or physical form, is also welcome.
  • Communities can form anywhere, for example within the family or the neighborhood. The class at school or a community of fate also represents a community.

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