How to report a WhatsApp contact: Step-by-step instructions

by Johannes

If you have detected spam, you can report a contact on WhatsApp. The contact will then be blocked and the platform will be safer for all users

WhatsApp: How to report a contact

Open WhatsApp.

  • Go to the chat with the contact you want to report. Tap the menu icon at the top right, i.e. the three vertical dots
  • Select “More” or “Report contact” from the options displayed. A pop-up window will appear asking you why you want to report the contact. Select the appropriate reason, such as spam, harassment, inappropriate content, etc.
  • After you have selected the reason, tap on “Report”. WhatsApp will check the message and take appropriate action if necessary.

Why you should report a contact on WhatsApp:

Reasons There are various reasons why you should report a WhatsApp contact. If a contact sends you unsolicited messages containing advertising or trying to sell products or services, this may be considered spam.

  • Harassment: If a contact repeatedly harasses, threatens or contacts you in an inappropriate way, it is important to report it to protect yourself and ensure that the contact is dealt with appropriately.
  • Inappropriate content: If a contact sends you inappropriate images, videos or messages that violate WhatsApp’s terms of use, you should report the contact.
  • Scam: If a contact is trying to scam you or carry out fraudulent activities via WhatsApp, it is important to report the contact to warn other users of potential dangers.
  • Violation of privacy: If a contact violates your privacy or distributes personal information without your consent, you should also report this to ensure your safety.

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