Data source: What is it? Simply explained

by Corinna

You have probably already come across the term “data source” many times. These are of fundamental importance, especially in the IT sector

Data source – what it means

Without data sources, which are also known as “data sources”, basically nothing works in the IT sector. This is all the more true at business level.

  • The processing, storage and, above all, retrieval of data is the central point of all IT systems. And this is where the so-called data sources come into play. Among other things, they ensure that the requested data is transmitted
  • The data is usually stored in centralized database systems, also known as data warehouses. However, the data sources themselves are not part of a database. They merely serve as an interface between the storage location and the requesting application location.
  • In short, storage sources are responsible for ensuring that the data exchange between the data storage location and the user is smooth and, above all, unproblematic. The user does not need to know exactly where the data is located. He or she only needs to know the correct command to request the required data. The storage sources then take care of everything else.

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