Firefox message: “Secure connection failed” – what to do?

by Flo

If you receive the error message “Secure connection failed” from the Firefox browser instead of the accessed website, there may be good reasons for this. However, if the website is known to you as trustworthy, you can override the blockade.

Secured connection failed: Unblock server through Firefox

From version 34 onwards, Firefox blocks insecure SSL websites because they are easy to attack. Instead of the accessed website, only the error message: “Secured connection failed” appears. If you do not know the site, you should take the warning seriously. Alternatively, you can bypass the message:

– Enter the command “about:config” in the address bar of the browser.

– Then confirm to Firefox “that you will be careful”.

– Then enter “security.ssl.renego_unrestricted_hosts” in the search box.

– Finally, double-click on the entry found and then enter the URL of the blocked page in the input field, but without the addition of “https://”.

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