Holidays with children without stress: Here’s how

by Tobias

Vacation should be relaxation. With children, the best time of the year is not always stress-free, even in the preparation phase. We will show you how to organise your holiday so that it is an experience for young and old alike.

Vacation with children requires planning

To make your holiday a success, you can avoid a lot of stress in advance through good planning.

  • Talk to your children in advance about where you want to go. If the little ones have wishes that can be fulfilled, these should be taken into account. Not only do you have a holiday, the children have a holiday too.
  • If you travel by car, there are other aspects to consider than if you travel by train or plane. During night journeys, children can sleep and it is not as hot in the car. Sufficient breaks are important so that children can really let off steam in between. Then the journey will certainly be more relaxed, as the children will not whine so much.
  • It is important to keep the children occupied. Then time passes more quickly for the little ones. Experience shows that boredom on long journeys or flights always leads to stress for everyone involved. So keep toys or colouring books handy.

Holidays with the kids – what to keep in mind

Troubled children are not the only source of stress on holiday. If you are travelling with your offspring, there are several things to keep in mind.

  • Have you packed your passport, think of the children’s ID too. Every child, regardless of age, needs an identity document with a biometric photo for travel abroad. If your child does not yet have this, you must apply for an identity document in good time.
  • You should also take your child’s vaccination record or preventive medicine booklet with you. Your first-aid kit should also be equipped for children. For example, fever suppositories should not be missing.
  • Pack suitable provisions for the journey. Children often suffer from travel sickness, so snacks should consist of fruit and light vegetables. Biscuits are also always good with children.

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