Marley Spoon: Prices of the cooking box at a glance

by Pramith

The prices of the Marley Spoon cooking boxes vary depending on the number of meals per week and persons. If you order several meals for a week, the menu price will be cheaper.

Prices for the cooking boxes at Marley Spoon

If you don’t feel like spending a lot of time thinking about what to cook and then shopping for it, cooking boxes are probably right for you. Here you get ready-portioned meals with recipe cards delivered to your doorstep and all you have to do is cook. Marley Spoon is one of the popular providers of cooking boxes – we present you with an overview of the costs.

  • When you order a cooking box from Marley Spoon, you automatically sign up for a subscription. You can pause individual weeks, but if you do not actively set this, you will receive a delivery with food every week.
  • The cost of the Cooking Box depends on how many meals you want in your package and how many people are eating with you. You can choose between dishes for two and four people. All prices include delivery costs of 5.99 euros.
  • Three meals per week for two people cost 46.85 euros, which is 6.81 euros per portion. Four meals per week are 55.99 euros, 5 meals are 65.89 euros and six meals for two people cost 71.99 euros – that’s 5.50 per portion. So the more meals you order in a box, the cheaper it gets.
  • If you order a cooking box for four people, the cost is 55.99 euros for two meals per week, 68.99 euros for three meals and 81.99 euros for four meals.
  • You can also choose whether your box should be vegetarian. There is no extra charge for this.

Comparison of Marley Spoon and HelloFresh

If you are unsure which cooking box provider suits you best, it is worth comparing the prices of Marley Spoon with HelloFresh.

  • With HelloFresh, three weekly meals for two people cost 37 euros. On top of that comes the shipping of 5.49 euros. This brings you to a total of 42.49 euros, saving you four euros compared to the same menu size at Marley Spoon.
  • For four meals for four people, HelloFresh is also slightly cheaper at a total of 77.99 euros than Marley Spoon at 81.99 euros.
  • As ultimately it is not only the price that determines whether you are satisfied with your cooking box, you can also test different providers and cancel the subscription as soon as you no longer wish to receive deliveries.

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