LinkedIn: Creating a company page

by Mike

We show you how to quickly and easily create a company page on LinkedIn. In addition, we give you tips on how to create a successful company page on the social network.

LinkedIn: Representing your company

If you want to see your business represented on the career network, you need to create a company page:

  • Log in with your LinkedIn account and open the menu at the top right. Click on “Create company page” at the very bottom of the box with the company solutions.
  • Select whether you want to create a new company, a page for a subsidiary or subdivided business (focus page) or a page for an educational institution such as a university.
  • You must now enter the official name of the business. Complete your profile by choosing a LinkedIn URL where your business will be found later. Also complete the website, profile picture and company category.
  • After you have confirmed your authorisation to create this page for your business via checkbox, LinkedIn creates the post. You can now proceed with the setup and upload your first posts.

LinkedIn: An engaging company page

To get the most out of your company page, consider the following tips:

  • In your profile, enter a short description of your company. This way outsiders will immediately know what you do and whether it is worth contacting you.
  • Prominent pictures, for example of the team, attract interested applicants in particular. So if you want to do social recruiting, you should not do without pictures. Job advertisements that you post directly on LinkedIn are also important.
  • You can achieve even more attention with current posts from your corporate blog. Therefore, post not only on Facebook or Twitter, but also on the company page in LinkedIn. You can also highlight posts for money and show them to other users who don’t yet follow you.
  • Find matching LinkedIn groups. Here you can score with expertise by commenting and posting your own articles. Encourage discussions.
  • If your company also operates internationally, there should also be an English description text on your LinkedIn page.

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