Myth: Warm beer for colds – what’s behind it?

by Pramith

Warm beer is considered an old household remedy for colds. But not every home remedy is really effective. In this home tip, we tell you what happens with warm beer.

Warm beer for colds – myth or truth

Generally, it is not advisable to pour alcohol into an organism that has been weakened by illness. Alcohol weakens the immune system, which is already out of balance due to a cold. There is one exception, however: warm beer.

  • Warm beer has been praised as an old household remedy for many years – and there is indeed some truth to the myth. The hops, which are known to be an important ingredient for the brew, are responsible for this.
  • Hops contain bitter substances as well as essential oils. The bitter substances have an antibacterial effect and thus help the organism to fight pathogens.
  • Hops contain bitter substances as well as essential oils.
  • Warming the beer increases the positive effect on health. The warm beer also has a very soporific effect. Sleep, in turn, helps the weakened organism to regenerate and recharge its batteries.
  • If the warm beer tastes too bitter, add a tablespoon of honey. As with other home remedies, the following also applies to beer: a lot does not necessarily help a lot. You should not drink more than two glasses of beer before going to bed. It goes without saying that this home remedy is taboo for children.

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