Combating heat headaches: Here’s how to do it without medication

by Corinna

Heat headaches can often be treated with simple remedies without medication. We also explain how to avoid heat headaches in the first place

Tackling heat headaches – this helps

If you get frequent headaches in the heat, you should pay close attention to the weather chart and react in advance. If the pain is already there, there are a few things you can do to provide relief.

  • First rule: Drink plenty of fluids, preferably mineral water. Headaches are often the result of a lack of fluids. You not only sweat out water, but also minerals. It is best to choose mineral water with a fairly high mineral content, even if it is a little more expensive. If you drink in small portions, your body will be able to absorb the fluid better.
  • Also eat plenty of juicy fruit and vegetables that are not too dry. This will benefit you in several positive ways. Vegetables have lots of minerals, fluids and fibre. The latter may not help your head, but they have a positive effect on your digestion. An empty gut doesn’t tie up body energies that need to work.
  • Have cooling compresses, wrap them in a tea towel, place them on your forehead. Cooling pads on your head can also be a help.
  • Keep your head as cool as possible. If the headache is already a given, seek out basement rooms as they are usually cooler and drier than the rest of your living quarters. Have cool cloths to hand. If you are at home, terry cloth towels are best, as they retain the coolness for a long time. Put them on the back of your neck and on your forehead.
  • With all these remedies, you should get through the heat headache just fine. Sometimes you may not be able to avoid a painkiller. Ask your doctor here what he or she recommends, as he or she knows you best.
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Summer and sun – heat headaches don’t have to be

Here we have summarised some more tips that you can use to prevent heat headaches.

  • Drinking plenty of fluids not only helps with headaches, it also prevents them. Your body uses a lot of fluid when you sweat. Without balancing fluid intake, your blood gets thicker, which puts pressure on the vessels in your head. So drinking is one of the top priorities. If you don’t drink enough, you’re almost bound to get a headache.
  • In addition, take a vitamin tablet that also takes into account the electrolyte balance. In this way, you make up for electrolytes and minerals that you have sweated out. However, always proceed with caution, according to the instructions for use and on the advice of your doctor or pharmacist.
  • Keep a close eye on the weather and react early. If a high level of sunlight or sultry heat is coming your way, you must take this as a warning sign. Close the curtains and shutters in the evening. This will keep the heat out for the time being. The most important windows are those to the east and south, as this is where the sun shines in the longest.
  • As far as possible, avoid direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays will affect your vessels in your head. A sun hat or other head covering is essential if you suffer from severe headaches in the heat.
  • Avoid not only sunlight, but also glaring sunlight. It irritates the brain nerves. If you are prone to migraine attacks, they can be triggered by bright sunlight. So wear sunglasses outdoors.
  • Fragrances are not only in perfumes, but also in skin care and sun creams. In heat, the fragrances evaporate more quickly and therefore have a more intense effect. If you are sensitive to odours, the intense scent can trigger headaches. This also applies to people who suffer from migraines. So if possible, avoid using fragrances on very hot days.

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