Neckbeard: Explanation of the term – what it means

by Corinna

The term neckbeard is not a particularly flattering term. Rather, it has a very hurtful and derogatory meaning behind it

This is what the term neckbeard means

Although the term neckbeard literally means neck beard, it has absolutely nothing to do with a fashionable hair trend. Rather, it has a very hurtful meaning.

  • Neckbeards are awkward and introverted men who tend to present themselves as outsiders in society. Neckbeards do not fit in with the masses, neither externally nor internally. They are often overweight or have blemished skin.
  • Typically, neckbeards love comics and computer games. Neckbeards are therefore often found among gamers, geeks and nerds.
  • This term was chosen because the neckbeard is seen as a typical symbolization of closed-minded outsiders. An example of a real neckbeard is the “comic type” in the series “The Simpsons.”
  • Since the word is meant to be hurtful, it should not be used to describe other people. Instead, everyone should be granted their right to personality and accept that there are people who do not want to submit to the mainstream.

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