Samsung Smart TV: Install Netflix – here’s how

by Tobias

It only takes a few steps to install Netflix on your Samsung Smart TV. The streaming service offers you series and films on demand. Find out exactly how to do it here.

Install Netflix on Samsung Smart TV – what you need to do

  • Before proceeding with the following steps, you need to connect your Samsung Smart TV to the Internet.
  • Then pick up the remote control and press the “Smart Hub button”.
  • The first time you run it, you will need to confirm the terms of use and possibly update.
  • Wait until the process is complete and you have landed on the applications home page.
  • On the home screen, you should already see Netflix. You can also find the app via search, which you can reach using the arrows on the remote control. Press [OK].
  • The installation will then start. Once it has finished, you will find Netflix in the “Smart Hub”.

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