Selling digital art: NFT art explained simply

by Johannes

Digital art can be created and sold by anyone. For this, you just need to decide on a marketplace and the tokens you want. Otherwise, the process is relatively simple.

Sell digital art: Basic Info

NFT art can be a video, audio file, photo, GIF or other digital artwork. But an analogue artwork can also be traded as an NFT.

  • Everyone can create NFT art. All you need is a crypto wallet and some coins to pay the applicable fees and receive the corresponding cryptocurrency when you sell the NFT.
  • Most NFTs are traded on the Ethereum blockchain. For this reason, you should buy Ether if you want to sell such a piece of art.
  • The most user-friendly digital marketplaces for non-fungible tokens are Mintable, Rarible and Opensea. With the latter, the creation is even free of charge, which is why the offer and the competition are very high here. When selling, however, fees are charged, namely 2.5 per cent of the purchase price.

Selling NFTs – this is how it works

While anyone can sell their digital art, whether it will be bought is another question. Well-known artists have it much easier on the NFT market.

  • NFTs can be made with a mobile phone, laptop or PC. You do not need any special software for this. So anything from graphics and image editing software to video, audio and 3D programmes can be used to create them. To sell analogue items as digital art, you need to photograph or scan them.
  • After that, you need to choose a marketplace where the digital art will be imprinted. Here you should pay attention to permitted file formats and sizes. Then upload the file to the appropriate platform, name and describe it.
  • Now the NFT must be released for sale via “Sell/Sell”. In doing so, you still specify the desired token as the payment method and you can decide whether your artwork should be sold at a fixed price or via auction.
  • For the latter, you must set a minimum bid. This process also determines what percentage you will receive on the sale. In addition, you can still advertise on the NFT marketplace. Otherwise, just wait for an offer to buy.

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