BeReal photo deletion: How to remove the pictures

by Michaela

Deleting a photo in the photo-sharing app BeReal is possible in just a few steps. However, unlike other platforms, there is a special feature that you need to be aware of.

Deleting a BeReal photo: You should pay attention to this

The social media app BeReal thrives on unposed photos. If you use the app, you will receive a notification once a day at a random time. Then you have two minutes to take and post a photo. If you are not happy with the posted picture, you can also delete it.

  • However, this does not correspond to the idea of the platform, which lives from real, natural pictures. For this reason, these are also automatically deleted from the feed after 24 hours.
  • Despite this, deleting an image is possible. However, note that removal is only possible once in 24 hours. If you upload a second BeReal photo within these 24 hours, the option to delete is greyed out.
  • Deleted images will no longer be displayed to your friends in your feed. However, it may be that your friends have already seen the image and saved it with a screenshot. Of course, you cannot delete these screenshots.

DeleteBeReal photo: How to proceed

To delete a photo, follow these steps:

  • Open the BeReal app. You will automatically be shown the feed where you can see your picture and the pictures of your friends.
  • Tap the three dots next to your photo.
  • Select “Delete My BeReal”.
  • Select a reason why you want to delete the BeReal. Tap on “Delete my BeReal” to complete the process.

Deleting a photo from Memories: How to proceed

BeReals posted by you are also saved in your Memories. These are only visible to you and are automatically deleted after 14 days. You can also delete pictures in the Memories.

  • Open the BeReal app and tap on your profile picture.
  • All the BeReal photos you have taken in the last 14 days will be displayed. Select the photo you want.
  • Tap the three dots at the top right and select “Delete from Memories”.

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