Towing costs per km: This is what you have to expect

by Pramith

If you have to be towed away when your car breaks down, it can quickly become expensive. In this practical tip, we reveal the towing costs per km

Calculate towing costs: Usually free of charge at the automobile club

If you are a member of a car club, you generally don’t have to worry about towing costs. With ADAC, ACE, AvD, BAVC and others, towing costs are always included in the annual fee.

  • As a rule, the automobile club will only tow you to the nearest garage. A desired garage or even towing to your own front door is usually not possible
  • In most cases, the costs are covered in full. The ADAC pays a maximum invoice amount of 300 euros, but this should be sufficient.
  • The ACE will tow you 75 km, abroad even 100 km. Here, too, this performance is perfectly adequate.

Have car towed away: Cost per km

If you are not a member of an automobile club and do not have a cover letter from the insurance company, you must bear the costs of towing yourself.

  • In the MySchleppApp you will find offers from numerous towing companies. The price depends on both the time and the day of the week.
  • For a transport over 10 km you will be charged between 120 and 210 euros. Longer distances are even more expensive. For 30 km you pay between 180 and 270 euros

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