Twitter: These offers & functions of the app are free!

by Corinna

Twitter offers a variety of basic features that you can use for free. However, there could soon be some paid-for additions.

These features are free on Twitter

Twitter is a social network that has established itself as a news and messaging platform. It has always been free to use. The platform offers the following functions:

  • Account: On Twitter, you create an account that represents you on the platform and through which you conduct all interactions on the site.
  • Followers: Similar to other social media like Instagram, it is possible to follow other accounts unilaterally. In your own timeline, the tweets of all the people whose followers you are are displayed. Direct messages are only possible to followers.
  • Tweets: Probably the most basic function of Twitter is the posting of tweets – messages that (since November 2017) may comprise a maximum of 280 characters including @mentions, links and hashtags. It is also possible to include photos and videos in a tweet.
  • Hashtags: Hashtags are defined keywords that serve to cross-platform linking of topics. They always begin with a hash (). If you click on a hashtag or enter it in the search bar, you can view tweets on the respective topic, provided they contain the keyword you are looking for.
  • mentions: Within a tweet, you can tag other accounts using the @ symbol. The respective person will then be informed about the mention (or “Mention”) via their messages.
  • Like, comment, retweet: Interacting with posts is also typical of social media. You can use the heart icon under a tweet to like it and save it at the same time. The speech bubble lets you comment on the message, while the double arrow lets you forward it as a tweet to your followers and, if necessary, add additional comments.

This could soon become chargeable

With his 2022 acquisition of Twitter, Elon Musk announced numerous changes for the short message service, including the introduction of paid features. In the future, the use of the platform will also no longer be free for companies and government institutions. This is planned or already implemented:

  • Twitter Blue: Twitter Blue is a premium subscription service that gives users early access to selected new features (e.g. prioritised rankings in conversations or NFT profile pictures). Most importantly, Twitter Blue accounts will have a blue tick added to them, which until now has only been reserved for well-known, authentic accounts of public interest. In Germany, the subscription is already available and costs 8-11 €/month, depending on the end device.
  • Super-Follower: This new feature is meant to provide a way for Twitter users to earn extra money by offering exclusive content to paying subscribers, so-called “super-followers”. Account holders can set the cost themselves within a price range. The function is currently still being tested by Twitter and is not yet available in Germany.

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