Use Gemini (Google Bard) AI free of charge: What you need to know

by Corinna

The US company Google has launched its own chatbot, Gemini (formerly Google Bard). There are a few things you need to bear in mind when using it for free

Gemini (Google Bard): Free version with restrictions

Google’s competitor to ChatGPT was still called Google Bard in its test phase and could be used free of charge and without restrictions during this period. In the meantime, the AI chatbot has not only been given the new name Gemini, but also an extended range of functions.

  • First of all, the basic version of Gemini remains free of charge. You can generate and translate texts and receive answers to questions.
  • There are no limits such as a daily query limit, but access can be temporarily blocked in the event of excessive use.
  • Commercial use of the free version of Gemini is not permitted.
  • As a free user, you cannot use all of Gemini’s features. The complete AI model is only available as a paid subscription.
  • This is called Gemini Advanced and costs 21.99 euros per month. Google is currently offering a two-month trial period for zero euros.
  • Subscribers get access to the Ultra 1.0 AI model, which, according to Google, enables “significant improvements in reasoning, instruction execution, programming and creative collaboration”.
  • Other benefits include better overall performance and the ability to use images or code for input.
  • Users can also access Gemini in tools such as Gmail, Google Docs or Google Presentations and also receive 2 TB of cloud storage.
  • Note that Gemini Advanced is currently only available in English.

Gemini (Google Bard): How the AI chatbot works

In order to use Gemini free of charge in your web browser, you need a Google account to sign in. If you do not have one, you will need to create a Google account. This is also free of charge.

  • To use Gemini, go to in your browser and log in with your Google user account.
  • You pay no monthly fees for the basic Gemini service and there are no costs for actual use.
  • Although there is already an app for Android or iOS, it is currently only available in the USA. However, it is to be expected that Google will also offer this in Germany

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