Water scarcity: solutions that everyone can contribute to

by Mike

Even if there is not yet an acute water shortage in Germany, it can be helpful to find solutions for the impending water shortage. Individuals can also help save water and help the environment.

Solutions to water scarcity

In order to counteract water scarcity, it can be useful if individuals also use water as a resource in a respectful and responsible way.

  • In order to save water, it can be helpful if you use rainwater for irrigation, flushing your toilet or even washing your clothes. This can help you save drinking water.
  • You can also reduce water scarcity by avoiding products that require a lot of water for cultivation and are a drain on resources. These include, for example, rice and avocados.
  • If you also make sure to buy products from organic farming, you support clean groundwater and pure waters. This is not the least because organic farming does not use pesticides in cultivation.
  • A vegetarian or vegan diet also saves resources. In particular, the production of feed for slaughtering animals consumes a lot of water.
  • In addition, you can save water by taking only short showers and turning off the water when soaping up. Reducing the water temperature also saves water. This can also be helpful when brushing your teeth
  • Also, make sure to fill your washing machine completely before turning it on for washing.
  • You can also save water when it comes to your clothes by avoiding buying fast fashion, i.e. fashion that has been produced under harmful environmental conditions in distant foreign countries.

These are the consequences of water scarcity

The occurrence of a water shortage has a serious impact on the environment and people.

  • Water scarcity is associated with crop failures, which can subsequently lead to food supply crises.
  • Water shortages also limit access to clean water, which promotes the development of diseases. This often leads to conflicts over the use of resources.
  • As groundwater levels fall, lakes also dry up, which can cause more and more animal and plant species to become extinct.
  • Climate change, combined with existing water scarcity, then leads to the formation of droughts.
  • Particularly in more remote countries such as Africa, a water shortage leads to children being unable to attend school as they have to travel long distances to reach their daily water source.

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