What are the most popular series on Netflix? The top 10 at a glance

by Johannes

Whether drama, comedy, horror or thriller – you’ll find many of the most popular series on Netflix

Netflix: These are the most popular series

When it comes to the most popular films and series, it’s easy to hear about the streaming provider Netflix. Almost 270 million people have subscribed to Netflix. If you take a closer look at the viewing figures, you can deduce which series are the most popular worldwide.

  • The first season of Wednesday is definitely very far ahead. The comedy horror series from America was an absolute success. The lead role is played by actress Jenna Ortega, who tries to solve a creepy mystery at her school in the series
  • Another mystery series can be found in the top spots: Stranger Things. This series is about four friends and a mysterious girl who has supernatural powers.
  • The true-crime documentary Dahmer – Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer also attracted many people to their screens. The gruesome deeds of an American serial killer are told in one season
  • Somewhat lighter fare can be found in the series Bridgerton. It’s all about beautiful dresses, balls, the search for a husband and all kinds of secrets and intrigue. The series is set in London at the beginning of the 19th century.
  • A series that has also been streamed very often is The Queen’s Gambit. It is about an orphan girl who becomes a professional chess player over the years. But the path to the top in the chess world is not easy for the girl.
  • From the year 2024 is the series In eternal debt. It centers on a mother whose husband was cruelly killed. When she later sees him by chance on a video recording, she tries to solve the alleged conspiracy.
  • The Witcher series is very high up in the popularity rankings. The series is about conflicts between humans, wizards, elves and witches.
  • The Squid Game is about life and death. Highly indebted people compete against each other in various rounds of the game. In the end, only one person remains, who then wins a lot of money. Whoever loses, however, pays with their life
  • The thriller series The Night Agent is also popular. It is about an FBI agent who has made it his mission to find a mole in the government.
  • One of the most popular series is House of Money. This is about a Spanish professor who plans a spectacular robbery of a bank.

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