What is a campaign? Explanation and examples

by Johannes

The answer to the question of what a campaign is is divided into different areas. There are marketing campaigns and political and social campaigns.

What is a campaign? The definition

The term campaign can be found in various areas. Campaigns can occur in different areas and contexts, such as politics, marketing, charity, social movements and the military.

  • A campaign is an organized, targeted action or series of actions. It has the function of achieving a specific goal or result.
  • A campaign is usually limited in time and involves the cooperation of several people.
  • Although there are different types of campaigns, they share similar characteristics. There is always a strategy and clear planning behind a campaign. There are defined goals, a clearly defined target group and a central message.
  • A successful campaign requires the use of resources. These include time, money, personnel and media channels. It is also important to monitor the campaign in order to subsequently measure its success and make adjustments if necessary.

These types of campaigns exist

Campaigns are defined, among other things, by a fixed objective. However, how exactly they are designed and how they are implemented can vary depending on the area.

  • Political campaigns are about winning votes and support for a candidate or political party. These can be observed during election campaigns, when public relations work, debates and advertising in (social) media increase.
  • A large area of campaigns can be found in marketing. A marketing campaign is about promoting a product, a service or a brand. The aim here is to increase sales or raise brand awareness. For example, Nike has launched successful campaigns with Just do it or Marlboro with the Marlboro Man.
  • Social campaigns are intended to bring about social change or raise awareness of social problems. These include protests, social media campaigns and collaboration with influencers and celebrities. These include, for example, the Me Too campaign
  • Donations are collected and awareness is raised as part of a charity campaign. This includes fundraising campaigns and crowdfunding.

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