Summarizing texts with AI: how it works

by Pramith

You can summarize texts and save time and effort by using AI correctly. We’ll show you how to do this

Summarizing texts with AI: how it works

There are various ways to have AI summarize texts. Below we list some free options.

  • ChatGPT: Open ChatGPT on your smartphone or computer and log in. Then write “Summarize the following text” in the chat and insert your text. You can also give the AI further instructions regarding length or style. Finally, click on the input symbol to have your text summarized within seconds.
  • ChatPDF: With this artificial intelligence, you can upload PDF files and have them summarized. To do this, open the ChatPDF website and insert your file. You can simply insert PDF files available on the Internet via a link. After a successful upload, a new chat opens in which you write “Summarize the text” or similar with further instructions. After a short time, the AI will output your text in a summarized version
  • The Paraphraser website allows you to upload files as well as copy and paste text. You can choose between the option of a normal summary and an AI summary. You can determine the length of the final text on a scale of 25 to 75 percent. Once you have set everything, simply click on “Summarize now”.

Why you should summarize texts with AI

Summarizing texts with artificial intelligence has many advantages.

  • Time saving and efficiency: Artificial intelligence can summarize large amounts of text in a very short time, saving you time and reducing your workload.
  • Consistency: Human factors such as individual preferences or fatigue do not occur with AIs, which is why summaries are often consistent.
  • Personalization: With targeted prompts, you can have your texts summarized in a targeted manner.
  • Multilingual capabilities: AI can summarize texts in different languages, making it easier to process information.
  • Customizability and consultation option: If necessary, you can ask the artificial intelligence to adapt a section or ask for further details.

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