YouTube Adblock no longer works: How to work around it

by Pramith

If the YouTube Adblock no longer works, there are various solutions to prevent the problem and to be able to watch again without advertising

YouTube Adblock no longer works: Solutions

If your YouTube Adblock no longer works, there are certain solutions that can help:

  • With YouTube, it can help if you simply reload the current window. The anti-adblock message often disappears after the reload:
  • An update of your adblocker is also helpful. Many adblock teams provide the software with regular updates.
  • Clear the cache and delete your browser’s cookies. This method is particularly effective for browsers that have not been cleaned up for a long time.
  • Check whether other browser extensions are affecting the adblocker you are using. Switch off the other extensions and check one by one which could be the problem.
  • It may also help if you use a different browser. Instead of Chrome, you can use Firefox, for example.

Youtube Adblock no longer works: UBlock Origin method

An effective alternative is to use the adblocker UBlock Origin. This method usually solves the problem with YouTube.

  • Install UBlock Origin as a browser extension and go to the extension settings. In most browsers, you will find this option in the dashboard.
  • Then select the Filters list option and then Purge all caches.
  • Now confirm this process with Update filters. UBlock Origin must then be restarted together with the browser.
  • You may also need to delete the cookies, browser history and YouTube cache. This will ensure that UBlock Origin can take effective action against advertising and possible limitations
  • It is also possible that you will have to repeat this process regularly. YouTube takes effective action against adblockers with updates, which can only be solved with counter-updates.

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