Cleaning iPhone speakers: How to do it

by Flo

iPhone speakers should be cleaned regularly. Sand, dust and small dirt particles impair the sound quality of your iPhone. This article explains how to do this and everything you need to know.

iClean your iPhone’s loudspeaker: This is how it works

An iPhone speaker can only be cleaned from the outside. There are several ways to do this. Since dust particles and the like can impair the sound quality of your speaker sockets, a type cleaner is suitable for this. The microphone of your iPhone can also be cleaned in this way.

  • Type cleaner is a knead-like compound specially designed for cleaning hard-to-reach parts on various devices. Make sure the type cleaner is fresh, otherwise the surface the cleaner comes in contact with may remain sticky or parts of it may get caught in the recesses.
  • Take a piece of the type cleaner and knead it a little. This is necessary so that the mass becomes a little softer.
  • Press it against the cut-outs and speaker holes of your iPhone. Pull the plasticine off again. Dust and dirt particles will stick to the type cleaner and be pulled out of the openings together with the plasticine.
  • If you use the type cleaner more than eight times, no more dirt particles will stick to it. In this case, dispose of the plasticine.

These products also help with cleaning

If you don’t have any type cleaner at hand, you can also help yourself with household items. You already have most of these at home:

  • Cotton buds: Take a cotton swab to hand. Use it to move the dust particles out of the speaker openings of your iPhone. However, be careful not to move the dirt deeper into the speaker holes.
  • Brush: If you have a clean, soft cosmetic brush, you can also use it for cleaning. Use it to wipe over the speaker openings.
  • Adhesive tape: Take a piece of adhesive tape and stick it on the speaker openings. Pull off the adhesive tape with a jerk. The dust particles will stick to the tape.
  • Toothbrush: Use a clean, soft toothbrush. Remove dirt particles from the speaker openings with the bristles of the toothbrush.
    In another of our articles, we will explain the possible reasons why your iPhone is very quiet when you are on the phone.

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