Cleaning the microphone in your iPhone – the best tips

by Tobias

You can easily clean the microphone in your iPhone. If you have the impression that your smartphone is too quiet, this may be due to dirt.

iClean your iPhone’s microphone: Here’s how

If dirt is to blame for the quiet sound of your iPhone, you should clean the microphone yourself. You will notice this, for example, if your iPhone is quiet when you make a call. To do this, switch off your iPhone and unplug it from the power socket.

  • Take a toothpick or needle and insert the tip into each hole of your smartphone. Be careful not to pierce too deeply.
  • Then blow into the holes.
  • You can also carefully vacuum along the microphone with a hoover. Make sure that your hoover does not pull too hard.

Other ways to clean the iPhone mic

There are other ways that can help you clean your iPhone mic speakers.

  • For example, stick an adhesive film on the microphone holes and peel it off. Dirt and dust will stick to the adhesive.
  • Take a dry, soft toothbrush and run it over the holes of the microphone. Dirt and dust will be transported out of the microphone.
  • Soaked pin is also good for this purpose. Proceed in the same way as with the toothbrush.

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