Download and change iPhone 15 wallpapers

by Pramith

You can change wallpapers on the iPhone 15 via the smartphone settings. You can also download and use new wallpapers

iPhone 15: How to change wallpapers

The iPhone 15 gives you the option of changing the background image for the home and lock screen.

  • Open the Settings app on the iPhone 15 and then switch to the Wallpaper option.
  • Navigate to Select new wallpaper. Photos and images are immediately suggested that you can select directly.
  • Alternatively, select an app from which you want to obtain the new wallpaper. This includes photos or Kaleidoscope, for example.
  • Click on the desired image. You can customize it with filters, widgets or styles as you wish.
  • Use Add to add the image to the selection. Now you only need to set it as a background image pair to change it.
  • Important: This change affects your home screen and lock screen. If you want to add a separate wallpaper to the lock screen, press and hold the lock screen after unlocking. The wallpaper gallery opens and you can select a different image

iPhone 15: Download new wallpapers

If you are looking for new wallpapers for your iPhone 15, there are various options available to you.

  • For example, you can traditionally use a search engine such as Google to find images matching a theme. Simply download them to your iPhone and select them as your wallpaper
  • Apple-specific online magazines such as 9to5mac regularly offer downloads with suitable wallpapers for the iPhone. The downloads are usually free of charge and the images are already adapted to the format of the smartphone.
  • You can also use one of the numerous background apps in the Apple Store. Apps such as Wallcraft or Live Wallpapers 3D allow you to customize and then download the wallpaper.

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