iPhone 6S: Battery quickly drained – what to do?

by Tobias

Many users have problems with the battery life of the iPhone 6S. However, if the battery runs out quickly, various tips and tricks can help. Here you can find out the best ones in our overview.

Your iPhone 6s battery runs out quickly – here’s what you can do

Basically, you should follow these iPhone battery tips. If your iPhone has a jailbreak, you can follow these tips. Otherwise, you can find numerous tips here:

  • Make sure you turn off functions you don’t need, such as Wi-Fi and GPS.
  • In the “Settings” you will find an overview of battery consumption under “General” ☻ “Usage”. If you find apps there that you do not currently need, you can close them so that the battery lasts longer.
  • In addition, you can make further settings in the “Settings” under “Background update”.
  • This allows you to turn off the app from continuing to consume data and GPS after it has been turned off.
  • Further there you can avoid the app automatically refreshing, which can consume large amounts of data and battery.

More tips: iPhone 6S battery drains quickly

  • Many users report that battery life can be significantly improved if you disable the “Apple Music” service in the “Settings “
  • Tip: Once a month, you should fully charge the battery and wait until this is completely drained.
  • This protects the battery and can further improve the battery life.

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