iPhone: Block anonymous calls

by Corinna

How you can block anonymous calls on the iPhone depends on the iOS version. From iOS 13 onwards, this is easily done via the settings

Blocking anonymous calls on the iPhone from iOS 13

Apple has now integrated the function directly into the iOS operating system. You can mute all callers that cannot be assigned to a known contact in the settings. You will still receive a notification in the call list. Calls are also forwarded to voicemail. Muting unknown callers on the iPhone is done in just a few steps:

  • Open the settings of your iPhone
  • Select the “Phone” submenu.
  • In the last menu section you will find the option “Mute unknown callers”. Click on the display and move the slider to the right.
  • The button is then highlighted in green.

Block unknown calls on the iPhone with older iOS versions

If you have an older iOS version, this does not work via the settings. To block callers with suppressed numbers, you must use the “Do not disturb” function for a different purpose. This allows you to block all phone numbers that are not included in your contacts. This requires these changes in the settings:

  • Open the “Settings”
  • Tap on the “Do not disturb” function.
  • Activate the “Do not disturb” button in the menu that opens.
  • Under the “Mute” section, check the “Always” box.
  • Then open the “Allow calls from” submenu and activate the checkbox next to “All contacts”.

Block certain contacts on the iPhone

If you want to block a specific contact on your iPhone, this is also possible. This way you can easily keep spam numbers or other unwanted calls away from your device.

  • Open the Phone app on your iPhone
  • Tap on the relevant contact and scroll down to the bottom. Go to “Block caller”.
  • Confirm the action.
  • If you want to block a number that is not a contact, go to your call list and press the information icon next to the number.
  • At the bottom you will also find the option “Block caller”.

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