iPhone: Display temperature – is that possible?

by Johannes

If you use an iPhone, you might want to display the temperature of the device. We explain how this works in this practical tip.

Display the iPhone temperature via app

Some iPhone users will have experienced that their device gives a warning message when it is overheated. The message “iPhone needs to cool down before it can be used” tells users not to use their Apple smartphone for a while to avoid damaging it. Accordingly, the iPhone has an internal temperature sensor. The following programmes offer the possibility to at least display the temperature of the battery on the iPhone:

  • Battery and charger test: In addition to values such as capacity and overall condition, the app also reads out the temperature of the battery. The small application can be found in Apple’s App Store.
  • coconutBattery 3: The programme coconutBattery 3 can also read out the data of the battery including its operating temperature. However, this is not an app, but an application exclusively for macOS. So if you use an Apple computer, you can connect your iPhone to it and get the battery temperature.

Using the iPhone as a thermometer

Whoever wants to measure the external temperature, on the other hand, faces a different problem: The iPhone does not have a sensor for the ambient temperature. Therefore, the Apple smartphone cannot be used as a classic thermometer.

  • Most thermometer apps, such as Thermo iPhone / iPad app, do not measure the temperature, but access online weather services and simply display weather data via GPS
  • But if you want the iPhone to display the actual temperature or use it as a clinical thermometer, the appropriate hardware must be connected to the device. Thermometers such as those from Govee, ORIA and Brifit use the Bluetooth interface to then determine the room temperature in corresponding apps, for example. In addition, these devices can also be used as hygrometers – and thus even measure the humidity of the air.

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